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The New Infinity

Brand Relaunch, Site, Mobile, Social, Banners

They Wanted

To totally relaunch the Infinity brand, amping up the cool factor and the luxury.


A new, modern, and true-to-the-product them. We redesigned their entire web presence, creating a fully responsive brand website and e-commerce experience. To support the new site, we shot new lifestyle and product images, enhanced their social media presence, and drove a new audience to it all through a set of custom banners.

Infinity Website Redesign

"The Goods"

Mobile App Launch

They Wanted

To stay top-of-mind digitally in spite of having no online retail presence.

WE Built

"The Goods," an Instagram-inspired photo-sharing application for HomeGoods, in which their passionate fan base could follow their favorite stores to get sneak peeks at new products arriving on the shelves every day. We built and designed two mobile apps, a desktop app, and an employee training program to turn store associates into brand ambassadors.

HomeGoods The Goods App


$4M "Sports Matter" Crowdfunding Platform

They Wanted

To create a funding and outreach platform where underfunded youth sports teams could apply for the help they needed.

WE Built

A multi-purpose, multi-phase crowdfunding platform where hundreds of applications were solicited and uploaded. Winning teams were selected and announced, and the DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation matched all the money raised on the site. In the end, over $4 million was given to youth sports teams in need.

Dick's Sporting Matter Campaign

All-New Luden's

Total Site + Brand Refresh

They Wanted

To turn the classically-beloved brand into something Millenials could call their own.

WE Built

For starters, we built a beautiful new responsive website, showcasing Ludens' new look and ties to new music. But we also built a colossal (and very socially shareable) installation for the Fun Fun Fun Fest, an Austin music festival that perfectly matched their new targets. Not only did it get photographed a bunch of times, it got young people to notice the brand they hadn't thought of since childhood. It was such a success that FFF brought Ludens (and the sign) back to the festival the next year, this time with even more fun brand-based toys.




They Wanted

To be seen. Who is "they?" Every selfie-loving human with duck lips and a readiness to turn the camera backwards.


The Spies-powered 360selfie. It began as an experiment in looking at the classic selfie in a totally new way. Built in the Spies workshop, it took 2 weeks from concept to installation. In that time, the team worked on the physics' algorithms needed, tinkered with motors required, cut gears with lasers, stayed away from sharks with lasers, assembled prototype after prototype after prototype, landed on the right one, tested it with real, selfie-loving public at the Coachella music festival and beyond.


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